3 Legal Options a Pregnant Woman Has

If you`re not ready or don`t want to raise your baby, one of your alternative unwanted pregnancy options is abortion. Abortion laws differ in each state, but California has some of the most lax abortion laws in the country: Fourth, denying or delaying a woman`s decision to terminate a pregnancy can be especially harmful to women with certain conditions. For example, in statements opposing the Muzzle Rule of Title X, a number of health professional societies have described that it would be particularly dangerous for women with severe diabetes, heart disease, HIV/AIDS and estrogen-dependent tumors not to be able to make a fully informed decision on how to proceed with pregnancy – all diseases, which could be exacerbated by the continuation of a pregnancy.27 In the words of an ACOG statement denouncing such a disability in care: «It is unethical. It is a bad drug. And it`s inhumane. Art. 28 Notification of parents – Some states require that the parents or guardian of a minor be involved before the minor can have an abortion. If a minor is unable or unwilling to involve her parents or guardian, court approval may be required prior to the abortion. In 2015, the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) reaffirmed a 2009 committee opinion that patient autonomy is particularly important when it comes to women`s sexual and reproductive health.

If you think you may be pregnant or don`t feel comfortable getting tested at home, see your doctor (or a family planning clinic). Doctors and nurses can also discuss any issues you may have so you can weigh your options. Abortion occurs when a pregnancy is intentionally terminated. Abortion is safe and legal in Victoria. There are 2 types of abortion: the sooner you can decide, the more options you have. It is important to see a doctor as soon as you think you are pregnant to make sure that you and the baby are okay. Your doctor can give you information to help you decide what to do. There are also many local and national support groups that can help you. These support groups have counsellors you can call for advice, as well as financial assistance, parent support groups, social services, and lists of medical clinics. Note that so-called «crisis pregnancy centers» and «pregnancy resource centers» can provide biased and inaccurate information. Your doctor may also have a list of local support groups.

If you are considering an abortion, it may take longer to get an appointment, and/or you may have to travel far to get your abortion, as abortion is illegal in some states. And it can be harder to find a doctor to perform an abortion after the 12th week of pregnancy (the first trimester). And yet, such ideologically motivated threats persist to this day. The Trump administration, Congress, and state governments across the country are controlled by anti-abortion politicians who seek to restrict access to unbiased information and resources to obtain abortion services. These attempts clearly violate ethical and legal requirements for informed consent. Counselling on pregnancy options does not include – and should not – advocate a particular option. On the contrary, clinicians are required to support and assist all women in seeking all options so that they can make their own fully informed decisions in the field of reproductive health without coercion. Ensuring this standard of care is essential to promoting women`s right to self-determination, healthy reproductive life and general well-being.

If you live in Victoria, contact 1800 My Options (tel. 1800 696 784) – a free and confidential service that provides information and advice on pregnancy options and helps you find additional support. Other services are listed in the «Where to get help» section of this datasheet. We hope you`ll feel some relief when you know there are several options available to you. You will not be pushed into an option for your unplanned pregnancy. However, this does not make your decision any easier. It`s up to you to make the right choice for your needs, but know that you don`t have to figure it out for yourself. The St. Elizabeth Foundation is your friend in this time of confusion. Our adoption agency was founded to help young women find support for unwanted pregnancies – before, during and after childbirth. In practice, this means that Title X providers must offer comprehensive advice and resources that meet the needs of each client.

According to clinical recommendations for providing high-quality family planning services published in 2014 by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the OPA, family planning providers (including but not limited to those funded by the Title X program) should follow the most recent recommendations on pregnancy testing and advice from leading medical professional societies, citing in particular the ACOG and the PAA (see 10 The Family Planning Guidelines further recommend that these discussions focus on the client`s medical history and personal goals of whether and when she should have children, and emphasize that a client`s confidentiality must be ensured at her request. Employees should also be aware of other providers or organizations to whom they may refer clients for services ranging from abortion to prenatal care to adoption services, and do everything in their power to expedite these referrals, including providing supplier lists and contacting the referral page on behalf of the client, if you wish.

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